Maddie Headshot Madison Hughes

Although my time with Scot was brief, the lessons received were invaluable and life changing.

Scot reconstructed my concept of singing and took me on a completely different route than what I was used to.

After only a few months with Scot, I landed the lead role in a musical. I attribute this success to Scot. Each lesson I learnt so much, improved and grew in confidence. His support and belief in me has taken my career to a whole new level. He has a wealth of knowledge and was brilliant at making me understand all the technical aspects of singing. With his mentoring, I had the extra momentum to relocate to London and chase my dreams in musical theatre.

He is the most wonderful teacher. I cannot thank him enough and I hope I can do him proud here in London. He and his lessons have meant so much to me and even in London, with all the singing teachers available, I would love to be able to continue lessons with Scot.

Thank you Scot Hall.

Shane Website Headshot

Shane Cortese

I had the pleasure of Scot’s guidance during my prep for the National Tour Of State Highway 48.

A new musical, with complex harmonies and an important story to be told through those lyrics and melodies. Scot not only gave me fantastic help over that period, he always filled me in particular with confidence to not only carry out the song but to try new things.

His understanding of how musical theatre is, should be, and works for each performer is due to the fact to him having “walked the walk”. I personally can’t wait to work with him again.

Alice Website Headshot

Alice McConnochie

Graduate, Southseas School of Film and Television

I received lessons from Scot for nearly two years, and it was his enthusiasm and support towards me as his student which inspired me to grow in my confidence as a performer.

Experienced not just as a singer, but also in a range of performance areas, he has a lot of knowledge and skills to pass on, and I have learnt so much from having him as my teacher.

I would not be where I am today without him.

Barbara Kelly, Helensville

I have been away from singing for a very long time and went along to join Scot Hall as a singing pupil. I found Scot to be very professional, organised and always extremely enthusiastic. He was very encouraging and offered a good range of songs to both suit and challenge my voice and style. I would thoroughly recommend Scot as a singing teacher.

Jenna Hudson, Hamilton

All my life I was discouraged to sing. My friends would tell me I can’t sing, I’m tone deaf, etc. I had no self-esteem. Scot is a very patient teacher and not once did i feel like I couldn’t do anything. He discovers your strengths quickly and makes you feel proud of what you CAN do. I walked away from every lesson feeling more confident and satisfied with the sound and quality of my voice… He found in me an ability that I never knew I had.

Fleur Hindt (Parent of Student – Sarah Hindt)

Scot is a fun and enthusiatic teacher who works beautifully with children.  He truely enjoys his time with his students and gets such a buzz out of  their achievements and progress.  He knows how to keep a lesson fun, yet is able to push his students to ensure continued growth. I was amazed at my 10 year old daughter’s progress over the year Sarah worked with Scot.  We both really miss our time with Scot each week.  If you are wondering whether to take the plunge, don’t hesitate, you wont be dissapointed.

Michael Switzer, Hamilton

I completely endorse Scot Hall as a singing teacher. As well as being a fantastic singer himself, he is a very patient, very dedicated and very supportive teacher. In just 6 months he coaxed fantastic progress out of me. I went from doubt and embarrassment to joy and pleasure. I may never be a world-class singer, but at least now I can actually join in and have fun.

Loraine Sepers, Brisbane (Parent of student Wenonah Van Damme)

Wenonah has been singing with Scot for a year. In that time her range and confidence have greatly improved. She looked forward to the lessons and was saying last week (last lesson is about 8 months ago): “Wish I could go back to lessons with Scot!”.

Denise Marshall, Helensville (Group Coaching & Private Lessons)

I , and I think the others too, hugely miss our singing sessions with you, and that feeling of moving forward. You managed to enable us to get the confidence, improve our techniques, feel we were improving and enjoy it, and all of the time it felt fun and never became a chore. Your light touch suited us very well I think.

I hope you work your magic for many more who want to enjoy the sheer uplifting joy of singing, whether purely for pleasure, or for more serious reasons.

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