Singing for Dancers


If your child is a dancer they are already at a huge advantage when it comes to singing. Dancers are generally very musical, tremendously disciplined and have outstanding body awareness. The training you have already invested in allows you to improve faster than most students once you begin lessons.

A huge part of being cast in musical theatre is singing confidence, including singing in tune and the ability to hold a harmony. These are things you can learn, just like jazz, tap, hip-hop, ballet and contemporary.

Group Singing Lessons for Dancers

Just like in like the dance studio lessons take place in groups, so students get to learn singing with friends who share their interests. We build confidence first and foremost, working in groups of 5-6 on a range of fun and familiar modern songs and showtunes. Students learn to sing tunefully with clear, beautiful tone. As they grow in confidence students love singing songs with solos and harmonies, learning to read music, and even choreographed singing!

As a musical theatre director I have enormous love for dancers – but one request: no more mumbling happy birthday for auditions! The group will develop a repertoire of full songs they are confident with, and each singer will discover apropriate audition songs that suit their voice and feel great to sing. Students learn as a group how to prepare and cut audition songs with sheet music or backing tracks, in the right key for their voice.

The gift of singing lessons could not only improve your child’s prospects of being cast in stage shows, but also reduce anxiety and negative self-talk around singing in public. All in a fun and supportive group atmosphere with friends who have the same interests.

Classes last 45 minutes and the cost is $30 per student, per lesson. You can are welcome to organise a group of 5-6 friends (10 years and older) who would like to learn together, or write to me and I will put you on a waiting list to be matched with other students that would like to start group lessons.

To enquire about lessons for your group, contact me here.